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Celebrities at our Taylorville bed and breakfast

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

It’s true that Taylorville is a quiet town, but that is what makes it appealing. In fact, quite a few celebrities have been drawn to Taylorville for one reason or another, and many have even found their way to our charming Taylorville Illinois hotel. What follows is a tribute to the folks who have helped add a little spark of celebrity over the years to the Market Street Inn.

Mickey Rooney @ RKO Palace

Mickey Rooney stayed at our Taylorville b&b

Mickey Rooney and his wife once stayed in the Chimney Room, while other members of their entourage stayed in other rooms.

Fans of The Office will be happy to learn that Jenna Fischer stayed in the Lilac Room, soon to be renamed the Hoover Room. Her parents plan to return to us.

Singers since the early 1960s, The Lettermen are together again and frequently on tour. Tony Butala had the Chimney Room, Darren Dowler (no longer part of the group) stayed in the Rose Room, and Donovan Tea stayed in the Lilac Room .

Singer Sammy Kershaw stayed in the Rose Room, while the rest of the group spread out in the main house.

Known to some as the greatest country band in the universe, the Sawyer Brown group once took over the third floor which is comprised of the Clocktower Room, Summit Room and Eagles’ Nest.

Before his gubernatorial days, Governor Jon Corzine and his then wife were the first people to stay on our brand new third floor in the Summit Room. Other guests and family were spread out in the main house.

Not all of our “celebrity” guests are known to the public; some gain celebrity here, at our Taylorville Illinois bed and breakfast. For example, one gentleman stayed with us for 4.5 years, occupying the Sweet Violet room. He worked for a local firm while his family stayed back in the Albany, NY area. After the daughters graduated from high school the man and his wife built a home here. (Their daughters were deeply involved in ballet at a level that is not available locally.)

Another long-term guest from the same company stayed with us for 2 years. Being from the Los Angeles, CA area, he preferred the cozy Spring Garden Room, which has a gas log fireplace.

We welcome all sorts of folks to our Taylorville bed and breakfast, and we treat them all like celebrities.

Bike the Lincoln Prairie Trail Special

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009
Bike the Lincoln Prairie Trail

Bike the Lincoln Prairie Trail

May is the perfect time to hop on your bike and go for a ride. The weather here in Taylorville is usually in the 60s or 70s at this time of year – just right for biking. The Lincoln Prairie Bike Trail is just 6 blocks from our Taylorville Illinois hotel; start here, and ride 15 miles to Pana on the paved old railroad bed. You’ll bike through lovely prairie land that is sprinkled with rivers and streams. The Market Street Inn will provide a sack lunch for you for your ride on one of the longest paved trails south of the Chicago area.

Once you arrive in the City of Pana, there are many things to do. Wander through the historic downtown and admire the lovely architecture that ranges from Victorian to Art Deco. Sit in a cafe and restore yourself with a cup of coffee. Visit the Coal Creek Pioneer Village, complete with restored log cabins original to the area.

We offer a “Bike the Lincoln Prairie Bike Trail” special at our bed and breakfast Illinois. There is a Weekend Package and a Weekday Package, both of which include a dinner gift certificate. Our generous breakfasts will energize you before your ride, and your private whirlpool tub will wash away any aches and pains aft your ride.

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