George Barber Plan #143 in Central Illinois

George Franklin Barber, Architect, sold plans of beautiful homes all over the United States and in several foreign nations.  Many of these plans came to fruition by those who purchased them.  We have been told that George Barber sold 78 plans in Illinois and 4 in the Central Illinois town of  Taylorville, IL.  Two of those in Taylorville, IL have been identified by one of the George Barber experts, Michael Alcorn.  There is another strong possibility for identification as well but the 4th seems to be elusive. 

One of these plans which was successfully built is a #143 and is located at 220 East Market Street  and has been turned into a bed and breakfast.  This beautiful home has been preserved very nicely over the years.  Oh, some modifications have been done to the exterior in the form of metal siding and, of course, bathrooms have been added to accommodate the 8 guest rooms and the innkeeper’s quarters plus a half bath for guest use near the dining room.

George Barber Plan #143

We hope you enjoy viewing this plan as drawn by George Franklin Barber and having been constructed per his specifications in Central Illinois.

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