Antiques & Soon to be Antiques abound here

Taylorville, Illinois has antiques, boutiques and near antiques along with craft offerings. The upside is that all are reasonably priced. If there is a downside, all of these stores are closed on Sunday and Monday.

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Iron Star II

Let’s begin with Iron Star II which is located just off the National Registry Taylorville Square at 110 East Market Street. Iron Star recently opened at this location.

Go just around the corner to Ma & Pa’s Treasures to find a different offering. Ma & Pa’s is located at 216 South Main Street.

Ma & Pa's Treasures

Ma & Pa’s Treasures

Come back up to the square and cross Main Street to the new and enlarged Rebecca’s Antiques and Posh Boutique at 100 West Market Street. Rebecca and her husband bought this much higher visibility location and are targeting for an opening by September 2016.

Rebecca's and Posh Boutique

Rebecca’s and Posh Boutique

Going back to the next block north on Main Street one finds JR’s “Thrift Shop” located at 112 South Main Street.

Cottage Rose & JR's Thrift Shop

Cottage Rose & JR’s Thrift Shop

2016-07-26 14.22.54

Inside JR’s Thrift

Immediately next door is Cottage Rose Gift Shoppe where you will find a potpourri of items to consider purchasing.

Going out of the Historic Downtown Area to 1111Spresser Street, you find The Wooden Flower.

The Wooden Flower

The Wooden Flower

While this is not an antique store, it is filled with handmade craft items which may pique your fancy.

Last but certainly not the least is Dear Yesteryear at 2016-07-26 14.28.55 2016-07-26 14.32.50 2016-07-26 14.31.10 2016-07-26 14.30.14

Dear Yesteryear both showroom and warehouse photos

Dear Yesteryear both showroom and warehouse photos

421 Springfield Road. Shoppers find dishes, doorknobs, drawer pulls, chalk paint and accessories and much more. If you are in the market for antique wooden furniture items for most rooms, you may certainly find it here in the 2600 sq. ft. showroom or in the 5500 sq. ft. warehouse. The prices are right.

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