The Lincoln Bicentennial: His International Influence

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Hello All,

We hope to make this blog a resource for the Lincoln Bicentennial events taking place here in Taylorville as well as in neighboring Springfield, IL.

This blog should be a place where you the reader can learn about not only our inn and the community of Taylorville Illinois, but also about the great festivities occurring around the 200th celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s birth.

Let’s get started!

Of course every American knows who is Abe Lincoln and some of his important accomplishments. But what about abroad?

This Saturday there will be an international conference on Democracy at East West University in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Some of the lectures scheduled include: “What the 21st Century Has to Learn from Lincoln” by

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Hasan Al-Zayed and William D. Pederson; “Lincoln’s Legacy in India” by Piyush Raval; and“The Great Emancipators: Lincoln and Gandhi” by Manzur Alam.

It is flattering and exciting to see such admiration for our famed American president!

We hope you will continue to check in here to find out more about the Lincoln bicentennial closer to home. Look for more posts soon!

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