Fun Happenings at Taylorville Market on the Square

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Fresh Produce at the Taylorville Farmers Market

Farmers Markets are experiencing a resurgence in America as people become more and more aware that locally grown food tastes good. But traditionally, market days provide more than fresh produce; they showcase locally produced crafts ranging from candles to furniture to clothing; they offer food booths and baked goods; and they bring the community together with outdoor music.

Perhaps it is the music that creates such a celebratory air at the market. Shopping to music must feel good, or supermarkets wouldn’t bother piping it through their speakers. But live music feels as fresh as the carrots grown at the local farm. Listening to it feels as good as it feels to eat eggs hatched this morning.

This Saturday, June 6, the Illinois Heartland Brass Band will be at the Taylorville Market on the Square. Saturday, June 20, The Dixie Daredevils, a traditional jazz band from Peoria, will take the stage as part of the Great American Music Series. So plan a couple of Illinois weekend getaways to Taylorville, sashay through the market, and let your feet dance while you shop. It will feel good.

Our Victorian Bed and Breakfast in Taylorville is close to Springfield but feels far removed from the bustle of the city. This June, come stroll through the market, eat fresh food, and listen to good music.

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