Taylorville Illinois Traditions

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What is it about a small town that invites people to mingle? Perhaps we feel that if we have all chosen to be here, we must all be okay. Perhaps we believe that everyone we meet could be a neighbor, so we best be friendly. Now, we know that there are good folks all over the world, in big cities and remote rural areas – we host people from far and near at our inn near Springfield Illinois, and we enjoy hearing about where they come from and what they do. Nonetheless, for us, there is no finer place than the small town of Taylorville Illinois.

One of the most pleasant traditions in Taylorville is Wednesday nights in the summer. About 6:30, folks congregate on the lawns of the Hershey Towers, just about six blocks from our Central Illinois bed and breakfast. They mingle and share the news of the day or the week, and settle down to listen to music on the green. The music is always good, and the company is always enjoyable. These Wednesday evening music meet and greets have been happening for over 60 years. We haven’t made them all, but we get there when we can and we encourage our guests to wander over when they are free.

Stop by a shop and pick up fixings for a picnic; grab take out; or have an early or late dinner at one of the many excellent nearby restaurants. The town comes alive for the music on Wednesday evenings, and it feels like THE place to be. So come stay at our Illinois bed and breakfast and join in the fun.

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