Illinois State Fair is in Full Swing

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The Fair! The Fair!

The Fair! The Fair!

It’s so much fun! Central Illinois really throws itself into the Illinois State Fair, which is in full swing right now near our Illinois bed and breakfast. To help encourage folks to attend, we are offering a State Fair Special: stay 2 nights while attending the fair, and get a 30% discount.

Has it been a long time since you attended the state fair? If so, we encourage you to break out of your rut and run there this year. Agriculture was an important part of Illinois’ history, and it remains an essential part of our economy today. Even if you are not a farmer, or not from Illinois, step out in support of the fine people who produce our food. While you are there, look for the 500 pounds of butter that have been, incredibly, turned into a sculpture.

In addition, it’s fun. There is live music every night, from classical to country. There are tractor pulls and demo derbies. Don your shoes for hours of ballroom dancing. Go to the high diving show with a human torch fire dive – how many times in your life will you have the chance to see that? At Ethnic Village you will find foods from all over the world, and entertainment to match. There is so much to do you will find yourself quoting Templeton from Charlotte’s Web “the fair is a smorgashborg!”

Bestpart? Seniors enter for free.

So come to the fair from now through August 23, and stay at our Central Illinois inn, just a few miles away.

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