Central Illinois needs YOUR HELP!

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There is a small town in Central Illinois which has the opportunity for an internationally significant, Clean Coal Gassification Plant and an adjacent power plant. Clean Coal! NO Greenhouse Gasses realeased into the atmosphere! Approved by the Illinois Citizens Utility Board, the Illinois EPA and more, but…Party Politics is keeping this from being brought to a vote along with a lobby effort from jealous other producers of electricity. Please HELP us by emailing, writing or calling your Illinois District Representative and District Senator and ask them to demand a chance to vote on this important issue and to vote FOR it. It is clean, it will create in excess of 1500 temporary jobs and about 850 permanent jobs for Central Illinois. This project is called the Taylorville Energy Center and is being spearheaded by Tenaska. Taxpayer funds will not be used, this is all done via private investment. The Federal Government has approved a $417 million tax credit to foster this internationally worthwhile project. Please lend a hand before Thanksgiving 2010.

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