Building facelift on our National Registry historic town square

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Brenda and Gary Spurling, owners of Spurling Title Service have embarked on a facelift of their location on the South Side of the Taylorville, IL Town Square. The Square and a block or so in each direction have long been designated on the National Registry of Historic Places and restoration of many of the building facades are taking place.

Facelift for an old building

Please note the date on the peak of the facade as being 1892. This building and the Market Street Inn were both built in the same year, only 400 years after Columbus discovered America.

The pressed metal facade has been scraped of loose paint and is being painted in a complementing color scheme. Prior to this the building front was all white which is still visible in the lower right corner.
If you note the building to the left, a brick structure, you will see a facelift which was accomplished several years ago by Brett Mason.

Architectural enthusiasts will find cast iron facades by Mesker Brothers and Capitol Iron Foundry in our historic district as well. We love it when folks walk and gawk at the remaining beauty of our square. 

2 thoughts on “Building facelift on our National Registry historic town square

  1. Sure like the new paint job much better than the old white one. Sure looks classy. I believe old Fritz would like it also.

  2. Absolutely beautiful…We are very thankful that these buildings and their amazing ‘character and design’ and being taken back to their beautiful beginnings….

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