Buy My Inn and Put Me Into Retirement

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We have decided it is time for us to retire for the second time. Yes, we would like to sell our fine inn and place it in the capable hands of someone who would like to enjoy, as we have since 1994, the fun and fruits of innkeeping. We will conduct a seminar on purchasing our inn on Sunday, October 7 at 2 PM. We will show you how we have enjoyed success and how you can continue in our foot steps with a successful inn which has a great reputation, a high repeat clientele and is in excellent condition. Please email us at or call us at 217-824-7220 to let us know you plan to attend.

2 thoughts on “Buy My Inn and Put Me Into Retirement

  1. Happy to hear that you are retiring!! Where will you live? Chicago???? Happy memories of your wonderful inn!! Congratulations!! Q

    • Thank you for good wishes, Susan. We will simply move across the street considering that any purchaser does not wish to purchase that optional property. Should a purchaser exercise both options in addition to the main inn we would move into one of our apartments or purchase a small home and proceed to travel around the US and then beyond. Many folks think that inn ownership ties one down but, much to the contrary, we never close and are usually gone for the month of January and about 3 weeks at the end of March and another couple of weeks somewhere in there because we have capable assistants who step in and conduct business in our stead. Living in Taylorville is so reasonable that we have decided we would be foolish to move elsewhere but simply visit wherever elsewhere may be. Myrna does seem to be interested in a villa in Ft. Meyers, FL but I am dragging my feet. We intend to stay in the vicinity until the grandchildren are off to college. All that being said, we are not really in a rush, we are currently only 69 years of age and have a lot of productive years ahead, but all it will take is one serious and qualified buyer to dislodge us. We are offering it at a “Screaming Deal Price” and any astute person will be able to determine that based on the books. In the meantime we will just plug along as we have for the past 18 years of building a successful business.

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